How To Give A Great Massage – Tips And Tricks On How To Give A Massage

Being able to give someone else, perhaps a significant other, a great massage is a very useful skill.

It can be very thoughtful surprise to give to someone that will go a long way. Not only to impress but perhaps even make up for any screw-ups in the past.

I mean, who would turn down a good massage? There are not many things in life that can feel as relaxing and soothing than receiving a great massage that releases all that bad muscular tension.

Best of all, which I can personally attest to, is that giving a great massage comes with a significant bargaining power to convince the partner to give you a massage (even if it is third time asking within a week).

I have been a massage junkie my whole life, and I can honestly say that becoming better at giving massages myself has made it easier for me to get a massage from my wife 🙂

Below I will list all the techniques that have helped me become better at giving a great massage.

General Tips On How To Give A Massage

Tip 1: Be Gentle And Don’t Push Too Hard!

This is pretty obvious, but still many people do more harm than good when they are pushing too hard. Additionally, everyone has different personal preferences as to how hard they prefer their massage. Even if your partner likes a rough massage, it is always good to start out light and gradually increase the pressure.

Tip 2: Work slowly!

Rubbing hard or fast is very likely going to irritate your partner’s muscles. Therefore you should only use slow and even strokes or kneading.

Tip 3: Use Your Whole Body

If you are just using your hands your forearms will get tired very fast. In order to avoid getting tired very fast use your whole body and move around often. Of course, you should be using the weight of your body gently.

Tip 4: Better To Avoid Bones And Joints Altogether

Under certain situations, some joints could actually benefit, but this should be left to the professionals. You could easily end up bruising and hurt your partner.

Never massage directly on the spine!

Tip 5: Go Easy on the Thin Muscle Tissue

Take extra care when you are massaging tissue that runs over the ribs and shoulder blades. In general, take care when massaging close to knees, elbows, and shoulders.

Easy Way To Give Good Neck Massage

Many people complain about tense and stressed muscles around the neck. It likely either to do with the many hours sitting in front of a computer, or some bad posture when sleeping.

Luckily it is such an easy spot to give a massage! How you give good neck massage is simply by placing your palms on the back of the neck and create light pressure with your thumb on one spot and the other four fingers on the other.

With slow motions pull your hands toward the back of the neck while squeezing thumb and fingers together on the tissue around the neck.

Don’t put pressure on the front as this will feel uncomfortable (feels like being choked). Also, there are big arteries around the neck so avoid putting too much pressure or holding too long in the same spot as this could prevent blood flow.

Finally, avoid putting pressure on the indent behind the ears as this is a very sensitive spot.

How To Give A Back Massage

There are many great techniques and different motions for massing the back. I find that if you want to give a great back massage, then you need to incorporate different techniques and see how your partner respond to them.

Using both hands placed a little bit apart work the tissue in circular motions. You can use your palms, fingertips or knuckles.

Using palms or fingertips apply pressure in bursts while keep moving up and down the back in a rhythmic motion.

You can also use the kneading on the back (think bread dough), but that is best only to use it on the “fleshier” parts of the back.

Important to use your core and hips for applying pressure rather than your hands and forearms.

Special For Lower Back Massage

This requires the partner to be lying down on the stomach, as you need your own legs on each side (straddling).

Position one hand on the lower back not touching the spine itself and with fingers pointing away from the spine. Place your second hand on the top of the first hand. Using your own body weight gently push down with the heels of your hands into your partner’s lower back in a motion that is pushing away from the spine.

Remember to do both sides!

How To Give A Foot Massage

Hold your partner’s foot with both hands. First, use the palm of your hand to slide over the bottom of your partner’s foot back and forth a few times.

Now use the thumbs of both hands to apply pressure and slide from the ball to the heel. You switch it up by using circular and criss-cross motions.

How You Should Give Hand Massage

Grab your partner’s hand with both of your own hands. Using your thumbs apply pressure to the “meatier” tissue in your partner’s palms.

You can do the same to each of your partner’s fingers but avoid the joints and don’t pop the knuckles.

How You Should Give Hand Massage

Bonus Tips On How To Give A Massage

How To Give A Sensual Massage

Giving the perfect sensual massage to your partner is actually just about adding a few things. It is not very demanding and will go a long way to impress, especially if it is a woman.

You should set up a nice ambiance. Use calming music, fragrances like lavender, rose or jasmine and use dim lighting. An easy solution would be to use candle lights with fragrance.

Have some extra soft pillows, towels, and blankets to make the partner as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

Giving a sensual massage is not so hard

You should use a quality massage oil as this will really enhance the experience. This helps for any type of massage by the way

Finally, you need to be very attentive and present in the moment.

Focus on giving the massage while “listening” to your partner’s body and how he or she is responding. You should not be talking.

How To Give A Therapeutic Massage

When muscles are overworked they often shorten in length resulting in pain and decreased range of motion. In more severe cases the muscle tissue can get stuck in painful lumps known as muscle knots.

A massage can be a powerful way to treat such muscle knots.

First of all, a therapeutic massage is not meant to feel good or relaxing when the problematic muscle tissue is being worked.

However, a relaxing and soothing massage is a great way to start before massasing directly on the painful spot.

Ensure that the muscle is warmed up by massaging it thoroughly. If possible do some


long strokes up and down close to the painful spot. Now, with a knuckle or thumb press directly into the knot and hold it.

This is not supposed feel good, but you should, of course, take cues from your partner if the pain is too much. Have the partner take deep breaths and focus on relaxing the muscle rather than tightening it.

Hold until the muscle feels relaxed. The muscle knot should release or at least some parts of it. Stubborn muscle knots can take several massages to get fixed.

After the knot has been worked massage the muscle gently to make it relax. This will help prevent it from tightening up again.

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