April 13, 2024

If your muscles are sore and tired a good massage can really make a big difference and also feel great.

But a good massage from a professional is not going to be cheap! It can quickly add up if you go regularly…

Unless you have a friend or significant other willing to massage you, you might want to explore the possibility of giving yourself a massage.

It does take some effort, but with a little bit of practice and the right know-how a self massage can be really great. It is a powerful way to reduce stress and relieve muscle tension, and it is free!.

Here Are Some Tips And Ideas On Self Massage Techniques

Being a big fan of massages (who is not) I have massaged myself a lot. It is very convenient, and the only option I have when my wife doesn’t want to and I feel to broke to go to a massage place.

So if you are anything like me these tips will be very useful.

You don’t need any fancy self massage tools, just using a tennis ball or golf ball can go a long way.

Self Massage Shoulders And Neck

Place the opposite hand on the shoulder you want to massage. That is left hand on the right shoulder and right hand on the left shoulder (one at a time works best).

Now firmly press into the shoulder and let your thumb rub up and down against your neck. Feels great!

I believe most people know of this method intuitively. Just look around any big office, and you will see people doing it.

For massaging the shoulder blades in a comfortable position, use your hand to push or hold the elbow of the opposite arm, and work your shoulder blades with some powerful finger strokes. This is one of my favorites.

Self Massage Back

Massaging your back is really hard to do without any tools, and I don’t recommend it. Believe me I have tried…

What you need to do instead is get a therapy ball/golf ball/tennis ball or a foam roller and get down on floor and gently massage your back. I find that I can give myself powerful massages, by gradually increasing the intensity.

Self Massage Feet

Easier to do yourself without equipment compared to the back, but I recommend using a small hard ball like a tennis ball or a golf ball.

Place the ball on the floor and gently roll the ball into the sole of your foot. Both up and down and circles work well. If you don’t have a ball, you can also use the heel of the opposite foot.

Your feet are probably doing a lot of work every single day. A good self massage with a small ball can make a huge difference to your tired feet.

I like to massage my feet with a ball when I sit at my computer.

Self Massage Hands

Obviously, you can use your hand to massage the opposite hand.  Pressing the thumb into the “fleshier parts” of the hand works quite well and feels great. You can apply pressure directly on one point, do strokes or move your thumb in small circles.

However, there is another trick that might even do a better job. Because the brain is easily confused by the sensations of your hands, it might not feel as great as it could.

Instead of using your hand, you can grab a pencil eraser/pencil with an eraser in the end and use that instead. Try using both and test the difference. I like to use the pencil with an eraser in the end.

Useful Strech

I know this is all about massaging, but after a good self massage it is easy to get sore and tired in your foreman by using your hands so much.

To strecth the forearm and wrist, simply push your hand into the biceps of the opposite arm. For a more powerful stretch push fingertips into the biceps.

Upgrade Your Self Massage With Pure Wave By Pado

Massaging yourself is a great option, but it does take some effort and because of that feel less relaxing.

Another option is to get an electronic device to help you out. There are many massage devices out there, and most of them are a big disappointment. This is not the case with the Pure Wave CM7.

People are really loving the pure wave cm7. I have written a review of the pure wave.

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You can get a super relaxing massage or you can treat extreme muscle soreness from e.g. injuries or exercise.

Best of all, the Pure Wave CM7 is equipped with dual motors, adjustable intensity and have 6 different massage sticks. You can massage yourself easily however you want it whenever you want!

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